Spring Break : Coleville Editon

Yes, that is what the middle of nowhere looks like.
Went to visit my brother and his family, in Coleville, CA.
I didn't take any pictures because
1. I have a Kodak camera that doesnt have a charger/is a 5 MP camera
and using that would make it seem as if I am living in 2001.
2. My sister broke my Sony DSC T50 and has not got me a new one.
I did, however, take film pictures so once school decides to stop being
jerks and send me another financial aid check, I will be able to take my
roll to Rite Aid or whatever and have it developed.
So you will see those soon.
Also, I am not sure how to take off this "Read More!" thing at the end of
my posts so bear with me.
Or show me how! And here is the rest of it.


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