Harry Potter.

Last night we piled into my bf's dad's truck and
trekked to the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Ever since the release of the last one, I was so excited
for this one, they even pushed the date back to keep
us in anticipation, I guess.
Never the less, we bought our tickets early so we
wouldn't have to wait in line [we didn't] and left
two hours early so we would have first pick of seats
[we did].
Two hours and a half later, I was unsatisfied.
Half of us were falling in and out of sleep [due to
other circumstances] and the rest of us; the ones that have
read all the books, were like WTF.
They skipped out so much, it didn't even feel like two hours
and a damn half.
I guess you can't fill so much of the greatness of the book
in such a short time span, but I wasn't pleased.
The next movie is the final installment and I swear to seiten
it better make up for this one.


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